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        In 2024, Dale Village, Inc. will celebrate it's 40th anniversary. Dale Village Park was founded in 1970 by the Wometco Enterprises company which also owned the television tower erected in the center of the complex. The lots were then rented. In 1984, tenants banded together to match the offer Wometco was about to accept from a potential buyer. The tenants took advantage of a new Florida statute that gave tenants of a mobile home park the right to purchase the land the owner wanted to sell. The offer was accepted and the Dale Village Cooperative, Inc. has owned the land ever since.

        In 1999, the American Tower company, which purchased the Wometco tower, had to replace the existing tower. In 2002, following successful negotiations between the board of directors and representatives of the tower, Dale Village, Inc. obtained $250,000 in compensation. This sum was invested in various projects such as: repairing the wall surrounding the perimeter of the park, installing an aluminum wall above the fence, paving the streets, installing an electronic gatehouse at the entrance, improvement of common areas, landscaping at the main entrance and in the gardens located behind the community center.

        After the devastating passage of Hurricane Wilma in October 2005, other projects were completed by the administrators at the time with the financial collaboration of the Dale Village Social Club, Inc. and the participation of volunteers. Indeed, a long history of community support between residents contributes to making life very pleasant.

        Dale Village, Inc. continues to innovate and improve its facilities in order to provide all its residents with peace and security, and to maintain the quality and beauty of its facilities. During the current year 2023, residents voted 94% in favor of a project aimed at improving the building. The board of directors formed a team of professionals and volunteers to carry out this major project.

        A second project (phase 2) will be submitted to a vote by residents. This project aims to change and move the swimming pool, the creation of a “tiki-place” and the redevelopment of the spaces provided for social activities.

        Dale Village, Inc. is one of Florida's most beautiful parks and is uniquely owned by all residents. We therefore all have a duty to maintain our reputation.

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